3rd Bachelor in Library and Information Technology

Training course

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ECTS Credits16
Number of Hours (h/year)360
Teaching staffGODIN, Aurélie; VAESSEN, Hélène; WALLON, Françoise; WATRIN, Jacques; WOUTERS, Corinne
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 2

Same prerequisites as for first and second year training courses, plus :

Knowledge of particularities of sound and visual recording analysis

Ability to draft complete bibliographic description of all documents, including web sites, and to determine all cross-references for these entries

Ability to establish relational models using Access database program and to carry out data exchange between applications

Ability to construct a thesaurus In accordance with specific rules

Aims and Objectives

Associate trainee with daily management of the host institution

Carry out one or several specific projects related to librarianship or information technology, beyond current management

Carry on with the elaboration of student's final term paper



All current or special tasks useful to carry out or improve host institution's operations and relating to librarianship or information science and technology. Elaboration of specific projects. Achievement of dissertation. Drafting training program report.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Full time work in actual professional surroundings during ten consecutive weeks. Only one student can be in training at the same time in any given institution. Two-thirds of the training period must be devoted to training work in host institution, exclusive of work on the dissertation. One third of this period may be used by student to work on his dissertation. This part of the training period may be spent elsewhere than at the host institution if needed, or if the client of the term paper is not the host institution

Assessment Methods

Training program : 50 % based on assessment questionnaire filled out by host, and on supervisor observations during visit. 50 % based on the report written by the trainee

Dissertation : Will be evaluated separately and will have no influence on training program assessment



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