1st Bachelor in Medical Biology -


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ECTS Credits4
Number of Hours (h/year)45
Teaching staffCARLIER, François
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2


Aims and Objectives

It is useless to remind the fundamental role played by the statistics in sciences (to analyze sample of data or to elaborate plans of experiments).

Good understanding of statistics is indispensable to understand scientific literature.

That is why in the term of this course the students will have to be capable to understand the basic principles of statistical procedures (sampling, descriptive statistics, hypothesis tests …)


Descriptive statistics

Probability and statistical variables (GAUSS-LAPLACE, POISSON …)

Statistical Inference

✘    Theory of the estimation (average, proportion, reliable interval...)

✘    Inference on a sample (Standardization and calibration)

✘    Comparative analysis of two or several samples

✔   Comparison of proportions (CHI ² and MAC NÉMAR)

✔   Comparison of averages (STUDENT)

✔   Comparison of variances (FISHER)

✔   Analysis of the variance (ANOVA) and the multiple comparisons (DUNN-BONFERRONI)

✔   Nonparametric procedures (MANN-WITHNEY, WILCOXON)

✘    Correlation and linear regression (PEARSON, SPEARMAN)

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Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures

Practical exercises with corrections and discussions

Assessment MethodsWritten examinations

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