1st Bachelor in Medical Biology -

Organic chemistry

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ECTS Credits6
Number of Hours (h/year)75
Teaching staffGEORGE, Isabelle
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Notions of elementary chemistry

Aims and Objectives

To prepare the study of biochemistry.

Recognize simple organic structures. Explain the relationship between structure and reactivity of these organic compounds. Resolve simples synthetic shemes.

Recognize organic compounds of biological interest with their fundamental reactivity.


Generality : chemical bonding, isomerism and mesomerism ; reactions in organic chemistry.

Alkanes and cycloalkanes : free radical substitutions

Alkenes and alkynes : electrophilic additions

Aromatic compounds : electrophilic aromatic substitutions.

Stereoisomerism and optical activity.

Halogenated compounds: nucleophilic substitutions and eliminations.

Alcohols, phenols and thiols.

Ethers, epoxides and thioethers.

Aldehydes and ketones : nucleophilic additions.

Carboxilic acids and derivatives: addition-elimination reactions.

Dicarboxylic acids. Fatty acids and detergents.

Amines and azocompounds.



HHART, H.; CRAINE, L.; HART, D., J.; HADAD, Ch.; LIAO, N. dans Chimie Organique Tomes 1 et 2, Dunod, Paris, 2008

FRISQUE-HESBAIN A.M., Solution des problèmes de Hart et Conia, Dunod, 2002

Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
Continuous assessment

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