3rd Bachelor in Library and Information Technology

Arts plastiques

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ECTS Credits2
Number of Hours (h/year)30
Teaching staffFOURNAUX, Michel
Course UnitOptional
TermQuad. 1 and 2
Aims and Objectives

Course aims to give students a knowledge of art, over viewing the more important civilizations in order to give them better insight of different artistic expressions.

The goal is also to give them some useful knowledge for future library work.

At the end of the course, students must be able to :

  • Identify major artistic movements (for lack of time, we will focus on the western world)
  • Know names of significant artists and works
  • Give a brief analysis of a work of art so as to link it to a particular movement
  • Knowledge of specialized terminology

The course follows a chronological course, focusing on architecture, painting, sculpture. However, the approach may vary according to the civilization :


  • Romanesque and gothic
  • Renaissance
  • Western art from the 17th century to the present (contents of the last chapter may vary)
Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Assessment MethodsOral examinations

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