3rd Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design

(2D) Traitement d'images avancé

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ECTS Credits6
Number of Hours (h/year)75
Teaching staffXHENSEVAL, Jérome
Course UnitOptional
TermQuad. 1

To have passed the course of "Création infographique 2D" (2nd year)

Aims and Objectives

General objective: to discover or deepen the technical image processing (correction, retouching and manipulation) in Photoshop.

Project 1: to restore damaged images using appropriate techniques

Project 2: to edit (ton improve aesthetic) images using appropriate techniques

Project 3: to process images using appropriate techniques and to make a compositing technically flawless and developed in terms of its aesthetics.


Images to restore (Project No. 1), images to retouch (Project No. 2) and reference materials as inspiration (Project No. 3).

Teaching and Learning MethodsProject or fieldwork
Assessment MethodsProjects or practical work
Continuous assessment

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