1st Specialization in Intensive Care and Urgent Medical Aid

Care of the sick in intensive care and as a matter of urgency including education in the health, the accompaniment of the patient and his family with gynéco-obstetrics

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ECTS Credits1
Number of Hours (h/year)15
Teaching staffLENOIR, Anne
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Courts(Yards) of general pathology

Courts(Yards) of obstetric pathology

Courts(Yards) of Hygiene mother and newborn child

Aims and Objectives

CourL' pupil will be capable of making differential diagnoses among various cases being able to arise at the gynecological level and obstetric;

The pupil can assist a doctor during particular situations being able to arise at the pregnant woman's and during the eutocique childbirth(delivery) of this one


1. Diagnostic means and physical and physiological modifications of the pregnancy;


2. Tératogènes risks and pregnancy;


3. Problems of the first quarter of the pregnancy and the other gynecological problems:

        3. 1.: In case of ßHCG +

        3. 2.: In case of ßHCG-

        3. 3.: Other problems


4. Abdominal emergencies(urgent matters) at the pregnant woman:

        4. 1.: not gynecological Emergencies(Urgent matters)

        4. 2.: gynecological Emergencies(Urgent matters)

        4. 3.: Traumas and pregnancy


5. The gynecological and other problems of the second quarter of the pregnancy:

        5. 1.: rétroversé Womb

        5. 2.: Béance of the collar(pass)

        5. 3.: late Miscarriage

        5. 4.: Other problems:

                    5. 4. 1.: Flow vulvaire not bloody

                    5. 4. 2.: Fever at a pregnant woman


6. Gynecological problems of the third quarter of the pregnancy:

6. 1.: Malays and pregnancy

        6. 2.: Threaten with premature childbirth(delivery)

        6. 3.: foetal Death in utero

        6. 4.: Procidence of the cordon

        6. 5.: uterine Break

        6. 6.: Phlébites

        6. 7.: diverse Pneumopathies: O.A.P ., amniotic embolism

        6. 8.: High blood pressure - pré--éclampsie and éclampsie

        6. 9.: Bleedings: placenta praevia, DPPNI, Benkinser and

                                             Bleedings of the delivery(relief)

        6.10.: Acute(sharp) and chronic foetal sufferings

        6.11.: Epilepsy and pregnancy


7. The unexpected childbirth(delivery) at home:

        7. 1.: The unexpected childbirth(delivery) at home = > eutocique with presentation(display)


        7. 2.: Childbirth(Delivery) dystocique = > presentations(displays) of the seat(siege) and turn;

                                                                 = > pregnancy

7. 3.: Dystocie of shoulders

        7. 4.: The épisiotomie

        7. 5.: Bleedings of the delivery(relief)


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Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Assessment MethodsWritten examinations

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