1st Specialization in Intensive Care and Urgent Medical Aid

Soins infirmiers en soins intensifs et en urgence y compris éducation à la santé, accompagnement du patient et de sa famille en psychiatrie

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ECTS Credits1
Number of Hours (h/year)10
Teaching staffDOSERAY, Béatrice
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Bachelor in Nursing

Aims and Objectives

Apply nursing process tailored to people with mental disorders consulting in an emergency department or hospitalized in intensive care.

Designing this process specific reference to various nursing and medical models.


Approach in nursing specific to people with mental disorders: 


  • Host specificity in the emergency department of a person with mental illness.
  • Interventions with patients  
  1. with psychotic disorders, particularly symptoms of schizophrenia.
  2. presenting mood disorders
  3. with anxiety disorders  
  4. having a borderline personality
  5. with a neurotic personality
  6. with an addictive behavior
  7. with behavior, agitation, aggression, violence
  8. presenting a risk of suicide or have attempted suicide.



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Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures


Assessment MethodsOral examinations

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