3rd Bachelor in Medical Biology - Cytology

Deontology and ethics

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ECTS Credits1
Number of Hours (h/year)15
Teaching staffHEMELAERS, Laurent
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2


Aims and Objectives

To have a reflexion on deeds in the name of moral values in the professional frame.

To take part of discussions about several society subjects


Stakes and current debates on ethics

· Ethics : morale ; moral values ; types of values ; the morale of reason ; the morale and the justice.


· Definition

· History

· Medical and paramedical deontology code

Group works: GMO, clonage, animal experimentation, gene therapy, IVF


Cours de déontologie de médecine, ULg

Cours de déontologie de la section I.G., Haute Ecole André Vésale

LELEU Y.H. et GENICOT G., Le droit médical, Ed. De Boeck Université.

Les mots de la bioéthique, un vocabulaire encyclopédique, De Boeck Université

METAYER M., La philosophie éthique, Edition Du Renouveau Pédagogique Québec

Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Project or fieldwork
Assessment MethodsProjects or practical work
Continuous assessment
NotesIn part

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