3rd Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design

Logique image et argumentation

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ECTS Credits1,5
Number of Hours (h/year)15
Teaching staffETIENNE, VĂ©ronique
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1

Completion of course in 2nd year (Logic image and argumentation)

Aims and Objectives

Base on study realised in the 2nd year about image, we will look more closely at the components of a new image: our personnel image. We will analyse the image that we give during an oral presentation. In the second time, we will study the correct realization of an oral presentation (its content and the way to do it)


The communication and its aims during an oral presentation

Study about components of an oral presentation : the structure, the topic, the argumentation, the language, the body language, …

Reflection about the way to create a good PowerPoint


Bonnici Peter et Roto Vision SA, « Visual language – the hidden medium of communication », New York, 1999

Cabin Philippe, « La communication. Etat des savoirs », Ed. Sciences Humaines, 1999.

Hardy Particia, « Les gestes qui parlent », in Week-end/L’express, 29, janvier 1993.

Leclercq Dieudonné,« Comment saloper sa présentation PowerPoint ?», Ulg, 2005.



Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures

Through theory, we will progressively elaborate the subjects stated under “Description”. Based on this theory, students by research groups would be realise some exercises about oral presentation. After each presentation,  the teacher with students will give some remarks. It will be the opportunity to study thoroughly some details of each presentation. 

Assessment MethodsOral examinations
NotesIn part

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