3rd Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design

(3D) Création 3D et animation

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ECTS Credits6
Number of Hours (h/year)75
Teaching staffBOUDRON, Thomas
Course UnitOptional
TermQuad. 1

3D 2nd year's courses.

Aims and Objectives

Definition and realisation of a personal 3D animation project, from pre-production to post-production. The student is able to analyse the needs and constraints of the project; he learns the specific techniques needed for its realisation.

Study of stereoscopic 3D anaglyph.

Learning Vray.


Conception of a project, needs analysis. Application of the workflow.

Study of character design, body mechanics and acting. Implementation of the 12 principles of animation.

Specific techniques for the realisation of a 3D animation, adapted to the needs of the project.

Create realistic renderings with Vray. Use of multipass and Ids of Vray. Composition of the pass in Photoshop or Nuke.

Creating an animated 3D anaglyph.

Teaching and Learning MethodsTutorials
Project or fieldwork
Assessment MethodsProjects or practical work
Continuous assessment
NotesIn part

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