3rd Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design


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ECTS Credits1,5
Number of Hours (h/year)15
Teaching staffETIENNE, VĂ©ronique
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1


Aims and Objectives

The objective of this course is to acquire the skills necessary to do two complex tasks:

→ To search and find an internship and ultimately a job

→ To write his graduation project.


The course is based on two main themes (see Objectives). They are studied through:

- A theoretical part: it will be many opportunities to respond and to deepen the study subjects.

- Practical exercises: they are both directed and interactive and will bring to perform exercises alone or in groups, improvised or prepared.

Students must be involved in your learning (active participation in, work at home).

During these activities, students should reflect on various aspects of communication as they worked on their communication both verbal and nonverbal their relationship to them, the quality criteria which should demonstrate professional communication , ...).

  • GUISSE Florence, Techniques d’expression – notes de cours, Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège, Section construction, 3ème année.
  • RADOUX Séverine,Communication - notes de cours, Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège, Techniques Graphiques, 3ème année 2010-2011.
  • KLINKENBERG Jean-Marie, Précis de sémiotique générale, DeBoeck Université, Bruxelles, 1996.
  • MATTELART Armand et Michèle, Histoire des théories de la communication, Ed. La Découverte, Paris, 1995.
  • La nouvelle communication, Ed. du Seuil, 1981.
Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
Projects or practical work
Continuous assessment
NotesIn part

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