2nd Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design

Projet infographique intégré

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ECTS Credits2,5
Number of Hours (h/year)30
Teaching staffDELAYEN, Eric
Course UnitOptional
TermQuad. 2
  • To have passed the course of "Création infographique 2D" (1st year) 
  • To have regularly attended all courses in the first semester 
Aims and Objectives

To assimilate and to apply the abstract, theoretical and computer graphics knowledges in link to the domains of the 2D advertising animation and of prepress satge (within the framework of a customer simulation / agency).


Step-by-step creative exercise aimed at applying advanced 2D CG creative techniques in a context of artistic creation. Theoretical notions.



-       Jeux et dessins animés avec Flash 5, Bill Turner, James Robertson, Richard Bazley. Ed : Eyrolles, 2001.

-       Animating With Flash 8: Creative Animation Techniques, Alex Michael, Ed : Focal Press, 2006.

-       3d For The Web: Interactive 3d Animation Using 3ds Max, Flash And Director, Carol Macgilli- vray, Anthony Head. Ed : Focal Press, 2004.

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-       Savoir rédiger et présenter son scénario. PERRET, Philippe, ROBIN, Barataud. Ed : Maison du Film Court, Collection Tournage, Paris, 1998. (Présent à la bibliothèque Les Chiroux (un must)).

-       Les règles élémentaires pour l’écriture d’un scénario.Blake SNYDER. Ed : Dixit Édition, juin 2007.

Teaching and Learning MethodsLaboratory work
Project or fieldwork
Assessment MethodsWritten and/or oral examination
Projects or practical work
Continuous assessment
NotesIn part

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