1st Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design

Techniques of the edition

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ECTS Credits2,5
Number of Hours (h/year)30
Teaching staffETIENNE, VĂ©ronique
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 2


Aims and Objectives

Stimulating students’ interest in the fields of publishing and page lay-out.

Through a great range of styles, discovering the universe of the book from its birth to the time of digital environment.

Developing basic techniques and specific vocabulary


History of the book, of printing and of DTP (desktop publishing).

From author/illustrator to printer: the steps of publishing.

Basic rules of typography and lay-out.

“Typo-graphic”: balance between text and image.


« Typo-graphisme. La lettre et le mouvement », Jeff Bellantoni et Matt Woolman, trad. Isabelle Mennesson, Éditions Thames & Hudson, Paris, 1999.

« Mémoire des métiers du livre. À l’usage de la publication assistée par ordinateur », en trois tomes, Roger Dédame et André Delord, Éditions Cercle d’Art & Association pour la formation permanente des personnels d’imprimerie, Paris, 2001. "Histoire du livre" vol 1, Bruno Blasselle, Découverte Gallimard,Histoire, 1997

Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Project or fieldwork

Through theory and examples we will progressively elaborate the subjects stated under « Description ».

Students will have to complete a creation exercise and a potential speech about an editorial theme.

Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
Projects or practical work
Continuous assessment
NotesIn part

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