1st Specialization in Intensive Care and Urgent Medical Aid

Clinical teaching, placements

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ECTS Credits23
Number of Hours (h/year)500
Teaching staffBoosten, Audrey; Boosten, Aurore; COMPERE, Anne; Dubois, Eric; DUKERS, Valérie; GRUSLIN, Daniel; LEONARDI, Gioacchina; Marquet, Marie-Christine; Neuenschwander, Isabelle; PAQUAY, Valérie; PONS, Albert; REMY, Céline
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Diploma of GN

Aims and Objectives

This year of training allows:

· to control a great number of advanced techniques

· to master the notions related to the organization of the care, the management of the unit, hospital hygiene and ethics as regards reanimation and the human approach of patient with physical and psychological instability.

The nurse in intensive care and urgent medical aid must intervene precisely, promptly in an acute situation:

· by using technical aids and sophisticated equipment installed to compensate for the deterioration of the vital functions

· while being ready to decide priorities to fix and by applying emergency measures

· by looking further into the relational aspect particular to a situation of crisis with regard to the recipient, their close relations and the multi-disciplinary team

by stimulating the quality of the care by the development of research in care nurses and continuing education


In order to ensure continuity in the clinical training, the placements are organized in " block system".

The students are thus directly in liaison with powerful teams of care, equipment in constant evolution in the most acute services of the area.

The 600 hours of placement are distributed in the services of intensive care and emergencies and in particular of the CHU of Sart Tilman, the CHR Citadelle and the C.H. du Bois de l’Abbaye.

Teaching and Learning MethodsProject or fieldwork

Placements in real situations under the supervision of a professor of the High School and/or by the person in charge of placement. Written reports related to the activities of professional integration

Assessment MethodsContinuous assessment



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