1st Specialization in Intensive Care and Urgent Medical Aid

SCare of the sick in intensive care and as a matter of urgency including education in the health, the accompaniment of the patient and his family with paediatrics

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ECTS Credits1
Number of Hours (h/year)15
Teaching staffTHERASSE, Chantal
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Course(Price,Courses) of 1st BSI nursery nursing and 2nd BSI care of the sick in paediatrics. Courts(Yards) of pediatric pathology 2nd year

Aims and Objectives

Distinguish the nursing interventions being a member(part) of the role of collaboration and the appropriate(clean) role.

For the various problems of health:

· identify the problems of the child

· prepare the young patient and his circle of acquaintances for the various procedures and the interventions

· participate in the realization and\or execute the procedures

· propose elements of observation and evaluation of its interventions

· assure(insure) the help(assistant) and the support for the child and for his(her) relatives(parents)

· educate for the health and in the autonomy.

Understand(Include) the importance of the collaboration with the relatives(parents) and with the multidisciplinary team

Understand(Include) the necessity of a training(formation) continued in the field of its speciality


Required meadow

- Epidemiology

- taken care by a born newborn child at home

- the crib death

- The respiratory distress syndromes of the child

- the digestive disorders(confusions):problèmes medical and surgical

- Coverage(care) of the child presenting a fracture

The intra-osseous



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Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Assessment MethodsWritten examinations

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