3rd Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design

Foreign languages-English

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ECTS Credits2
Number of Hours (h/year)30
Teaching staffGERADON, Carine
NICOLAY, Nathalie
SMETS, Dominique
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1

The students should be able to master grammar and vocabulary (general and technical) at an intermediate level. They should also be familiar with the rules of oral presentations.

Aims and Objectives

Getting prepared for job application (writing a cv, a cover letter) and job interviews.

Improving presentation skills

Writing reports

Improving accuracy, stretching vocabulary (connected with specialisation)


presenting projects

job interviews

writing cover letters, C.V, reports, projects and specifications

+ various exercises aimed at improving accuracy


How to write a paper (lecture notes)

How to give an effective presentation (lecture notes)

The Job package (lecture notes

Teaching and Learning MethodsTutorials
Group seminars or workshops

Communicative approach. Project work.

Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
Oral examinations
Continuous assessment

continuous assessment based on written and oral exercises (presenting projects, letters, CV), oral and written exam

NotesIn part

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