1st Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design

Photo video technology

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ECTS Credits2,5
Number of Hours (h/year)30
Teaching staffDELBOVIER, Patrick
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 2

Basics in Applied Photography and Lighting

Aims and Objectives

To acquire basic knowledge of Photography and Video techniques, both digital and analogical.

Deep knowledge in setting up elementary photo shooting material, basics in Picture, principles of analogical and digital editing.


Introduction to Picture in Cinema, Photography and Video.

Basic principles

Photo shooting elements

Sensitive supports

Exposure and light meter

Objectives and utilization

Depth of field


Picture elements

Colours and lighting theory

Digital Picture principles

Picture formatting and formats

Study of a film making-off


Notions of Picture terminology


Cours de photographie (René Bouillot)

Les secrets de l’image vidéo (Philippe Bellaïche)

Cours de vidéo (René Bouillot, Gérard Galès)

Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures

Theoretical course with support documents

Assessment MethodsWritten examinations

By measuring the understanding and knowledge of the studied chapters


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