1st Bachelor in Computer Graphics Design

Digitalization and images treatment

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ECTS Credits5,5
Number of Hours (h/year)60
Teaching staffETIENNE, VĂ©ronique
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2


Aims and Objectives

The ultimate objective of the course of NTI 1st year is to make students able to justify their scanning manipulations and image processing in clear reference to the "rules of the trade" on which they are based.


1. Digital Imaging 1.1 From Graphy to the Digital Image 1.2 Raster / Vector 1.3 Size / Resolutions 1.4 Resample / Interpolation 1.5 Weight memory / Compression 1.6 Dithering

2. Color 2.1 Color Perception 2.2 Color Properties 2.3 Color Models 2.4 Colorimetric Modes 2.5 Color Measurement 2.6 Principles of Color Management

3. Scanning 3.1 Digital Acquisition Methods Overview 3.2 Flatbed Scanner 3.3 Rotate Scanner 3.4 Documents Types to Scan 3.5 Scanning Resolution Calculation 3.6 Scaner Conducting

4. Image Treatment 4.1 The working Environment of Computer Graphics Corrector 4.2 Image Correction Main Goals 4.3 Linear / Non-linear Correction 4.4 Detail / Noise / Posterization 4.5 Histograms 4.6 Curves and Levels 4.7 Correction's Guide


- FLORIO Emmanuel. Guide de la couleur et de l'image imprimée. Atelier Perrousseaux, 2000.

- LACEY Joël. Le guide complet de l'imagerie numérique. La compagnie du livre, 2002.

- KIERAN Michaël. Photoshop, Guide de la correction couleurs. Éditions First Interactive, 2003.- JOHANSSON K., LUNDBERG P., RYBERG R. La chaîne graphique. Prépresse, impression, finition. Editions Eyrolles, 2005.

- EISMANN Katrin, Restaurer & retoucher ses photos avec Photoshop. Campus Press, 2006.- LABBE Pierre, Photoshop CS3. Pour Mac et PC. Editions Eyrolles, 2008.

Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures

Lectures and works of groupe

Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
Projects or practical work
Continuous assessment

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