3rd Bachelor in Medical Biology - Cytology

Applied microbiology, laboratory

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ECTS Credits2
Number of Hours (h/year)30
Teaching staffFRANCK, Marianne
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Courses of biochemistry, bacteriology and parasitology ( theory and practice) of 2nd year.

Aims and Objectives

To apply theoretical knowledge to understand to interpret ordered analysis ( uniray infections ).To apply critically practical methods. To evaluate the results in their whole to orientate the medical diagnosis. To interpret antibiograms. To organize and plan a laboratory work.


Review of basic techniques : culture media, sterile device, coloring, isolations, seedings.

Identification of microorganisms (with Api 20E, Api 20 NE, Api Staph, Api Strep, Api 20 C AUX and Enterotubes)

Analysis of urinary samples

Antibiograms of urinary germs (Kirby-Bauer's method and ATB technique)


BERCHE P. et al., Bactériologie, Flammarion Médecine-Sciences, 1988.

AVRIL J.L., Bactériologie clinique, Ellipses, 1992.

Presscott et al, Microbiologie, Ed. De Boeck, 2003

Teaching and Learning MethodsLaboratory work
Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
Continuous assessment

Rapport de laboratoire

NotesIn part

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