2nd Bachelor in Medical Biology - Cytology


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ECTS Credits3
Number of Hours (h/year)30
Teaching staffMasset, Anne
PEQUEUX, Christel
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Good knowledge of cellular biology and of organic chemistry.  English language. Basic laboratory technical skills.

Aims and Objectives

To know basis of immunology.

To know how to generate and produce antibodies.

To know the usefulness of antibodies in medical diagnosis and therapeutic as well as in fundamental research. 

To apply these techniques to the medical diagnosis and the basic biological research in human and animal.

To be able to adapt the techniques according to what is needed.

To be able to perform a western blot.


General knowledge about immune responses.

Basic cellular mechanisms of antibody production.

Immunoglobins: isolation, purification and structure.

Antigen antibody reaction

Vaccines, production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

Quantitative assays: radioimmunoassay ( RIA ), immunoenzymatic assay ( EIA, ELISA).

Immunohisto(cyto)chemistry: general principle, reagents and technique description.

western blot, coimmunoprecipitation, FACS.

Tutorial: western blot.



JANEWAY C.A., Immuno Biology, Garland, 2001

Immunologie, Le cours de Janis Kuby, Dunod

Delves, Martin, Burton, Roitt, Fondements de l'immunologie, de boeck, 2008

Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
NotesIn part

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