2nd Bachelor in Medical Biology - Cytology

Hematology techniques

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ECTS Credits4
Number of Hours (h/year)50
Teaching staffTASSIN, Fran├žoise
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Basic concepts in cellular biology and biochemistry

Aims and Objectives

To learn the basic medical vocabulary and hematologic pathologies


Hematology : composition of blood and methods of blood collection. Hematopoiesis, complete blood count and principal anomalies; lymphomas; multiple myeloma; leukemias.

Hemostasis and coagulation: physiology; coagulation screening procedures, coagulation tests and their interpretation.

Immunohematology: blood groups in man; blood transfusion; hemolytic diseases of the newborn; preparation and utility of blood derivative.

Schilling test.


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Hémostase et thrombose, ISBN 2-902559-12-7, 4ème éd.,1994.

Teaching and Learning MethodsLectures
Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
NotesIn part

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