2nd Bachelor in Medical Biology - Cytology

Biochemistry laboratory

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ECTS Credits5
Number of Hours (h/year)95
Teaching staffFRANCK, Marianne
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Good grounding in theoretical course and statistics ; capacity for laboratory manipulations.

Aims and Objectives

To approach the theoretical knowledge of biochemical technology ; to acquire the know-how; to learn experimental work planning and laboratory apparatus experience; to acquire experimental precision and to examine the results critically.


Visible and U.V. light spectroscopy principles : theory ( Beer-Lambert’s law ; absorption spectrum) ; manipulations (absorption spectrum and molar extinction coefficient determination, proteins and hemoglobin assays).

Enzymology : enzymatic kinetics ( KM and VM determinations; inhibition ); enzymatic activity assays ( optimum conditions; various factors influence).

Separation technology : electrophoresis; ion exchange chromatography.

Applied in medical chemistry assays : blood glucose; nitrogen metabolism ( total urinary nitrogen by Kjeldahl method, urea, creatinine, uric acid); total bilirubin; acid-base balance ( blood gas analyser).


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Teaching and Learning MethodsLaboratory work

Tutorials and exercices

Assessment MethodsWritten examinations
Projects or practical work
Continuous assessment

Examens écrit et pratqiue.


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