1st Bachelor in Medical Biology -

Applied biomedical physics laboratory

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ECTS Credits5
Number of Hours (h/year)90
Teaching staffCAMPSTEYN, Henri
RENARD, Xavier
Course UnitCompulsory
TermQuad. 1 and 2

Knowledge of theory.

Aims and Objectives

To learn phenomenons and laws of physics and their applications with extension to other sciences. To be skilled in measurement, its surroudings and treatment.


Dimensions ; units ; treatment of experimental results; graphs; Vernier scale and micrometer.

Vectorial calculus.

Mechanics: kinematics; dynamics; energy and statics; hydrostatics; hydrodynamics; surface phenomenons.

Electricity: problems; discovery of laws and applications of electromagnetism; experiments and measures with voltmeters, amperemeters, galvanometers, multimeters, oscilloscope and transistor.

Optics: problems and geometrical constructions, experiments and demonstrations on the differents phenomenons, imaging and chemical quantitative analysis based on optics, spectroscopy.


CAMERON J.R. et SKOFRONICK J.G., Medical Physics, Wiley, 1978

KANE J. et STERNHEIM M., Physique, Dunod, 1999.

SCHOEFF L.E. et WILLIAMS R.H., Principles of Laboratory Instruments, Mosby, 1993.

Teaching and Learning MethodsTutorials

and problems resolution.

Assessment MethodsOral examinations
Projects or practical work

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